Hiring new graduates

Application Requirements

Business description

Assigned to each project after training for newcomers and working as a programmer or designer

Technology / Tools

Depends on the assigned project

Employment status

Full-time employee (Trial period of 3 months)
60 years old

Work location

Head office (Naka Ward, Yokohama) and contractors (Tokyo)

Working hours

◆ Standard working hours 9: 00-18: 00 (predetermined working hours 40 hours a week)
* May vary depending on working location
◆ Flex time system (core time 10: 00-15: 00)
◆ Working hours reduced (standard work) 6 hours / day)
Depending on the degree of busyness there are overtime work within the scope of the agreement


◆ Weekly holidays (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, summer holidays
◆ Annual paid leave (12 days in the first year, 20 days / year additional, up to 40 days)
◆ Gyeonghui leave, maternity leave, childcare leave・
Depending on how busy the caregivers are, there are days off work within the scope of the agreement.

Salary and bonus

Age salary + professional salary + assessment salary (revised once a year in June)
Bonus twice a year (March / September)


Commuting allowance, dependent allowance, housing allowance, resident allowance, position allowance, life plan allowance, etc.


Industrial accident insurance, employment insurance, health insurance (Kanagawa Information Service Industry Health Insurance Association), Employees' Pension Insurance, Yokohama City Worker Welfare Mutual Aid (Hama Friendship), Corporate Type Defined Contribution Pension System


◆ Newcomer training
◆ Manner training
◆ Technical basic training (about 3 months) and

Employment flow

Employment flow


Apply using the entry form.

Document screening

We will screen documents based on the contents of your resume and work history.

We will contact those who passed the document screening about the aptitude test. 

※ take about 1~2 weeks.

Aptitude test

Take the SPI test (You can send the results of the last one you took).

Those who passed the test will proceed to the first interview with the HR department  and the person in charge of the department you are assigned to.

※ Take about 1~2 weeks

First interview

In the first interview, the HR department will explain about the company and the person in charge of the department you are assigned to be explain the business routines.

In addition, we will be asking about the applicant’s background and vision, and we would like to talk more deeply about whether the company is suitable for the applicant’s career.

※ take about 1~2 weeks

Final interview

Those who pass the first interview will proceed to the final interview with the president.

This is the final comfimation of whether the company and the applicant can grow together.

※ Take about 1~2 weeks

Job offer

Applicants who passed the final interview are offered the job. Notice of the job offer will be sent via Email.