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In conducting business consultants, IT consultants and system development based on the operation support system, HIKESIYA Co., Ltd. recognizes the social responsibility to protect handled personal information. Based on the philosophy that personal information is an important asset of individuals and   their proper use and protection are extremely important, in compliance with laws and norms related to personal rights protection and personal information, we work on continuous improvement by building and implementing personal information protection management system that embodies the following.  

1. Personal information is acquired, used, and provided only in the minimum necessary range for business operations and our business. Also, utilization for other than objective shall be prohibited, and we shall implement measures for it.
2. We observe laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, national guidelines and other standards. Also, we shall prepare personal information protection management system that conforms to these laws, guidelines, and other standards and observe it.
3. Regarding the risk of unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, we take reasonable safety measures, invest management resources depending on the latest technical situation, review the personal information security system and continuously improve corrective actions and preventive actions from time to time.
4. When a person requests disclosure, correction or deletion of information, refusal to use or provide personal information, and when a complaint or consultation is requested, the right of the person concerning personal information is respected and handled faithfully.
5. Based on the needs of the person and the latest IT technology trends, we will review them from time to time and continuously improve the personal information protection management system.
Revised: July 30th, 2007
Enacted: July 1st, 2005
CEO Toshinori Maki
■ Publication of utilization objective of personal information
We inform the utilization objective of the following types of personal information that we acquire.
(A) Direct acquisition
(1) Personal information regarding our clients
・ We may provide it to our affiliates and business partners within the range necessary for communication, cooperation, negotiations, performance of contracts, requests of performance, etc., in our business.
(2) Personal information regarding shareholders
・ For the exercise of rights / execution of rights under commercial law
・In order to provide various conveniences from the Company regarding the status as a shareholder
・For shareholder management, such as creating shareholder data based on prescribed standards of various laws and regulations
(3) Personal information of seminar participants
・Communication, provide information related to event
・Information of services or related products
(4) Personal information of those who wish to join the Company
・Communication, provide information and select hiring 
(5) Personal information of employees
・For personnel, labor, salary, welfare, safety and business (report, record keeping, etc.) management
・For dealing with our clients (business negotiations, negotiations, business communications, contract fulfilment, etc.)
・For PR in this website and brochure
(6) Personal information regarding those who order product (photobook) after using MagsInc. service
It will be used only for creation and delivery of the product (photobook).
Meanwhile, in case we notify or publish each utilization objective, it shall be used for such objective.
(B) Indirect acquisition
(1) Personal information of those who wish to join the Company (acquired through staff agency)
・Communication, provide information and select hiring 
(2) Information for sales (image of person)
・For promoting our products in our website and brochure
(3) Personnel information of partner company
We use it in development.
(4) Customer information of our client we acquire through EC website operation outsource business
We use it in EC website operation.
Meanwhile, in case we notify or publish each utilization objective, it shall be used for such objective.
■ About “personal information to be disclosed”
Based on the Personal Information Protection Act, JISQ15001:2006, we put “personal information to be disclosed” in below to which the person may access.
(1) Company name
(2) Name and contact of PIC of personal information management
Kazuhide Sugiura, +81-45-663-8751
(3) Utilization objective of all "personal information to be disclosed"
Please refer to above-mentioned utilization objective of (A) Direct acquisition of “Publication of utilization objective of personal information”.
(4) Complaint request contact regarding the handling of "personal information to be disclosed"
Please refer to “6. Personal information contact :Disclosure or complaint contact” in the flow regarding disclosure etc. request.
(5) Procedure to react to the request of disclosure etc.
Please refer to the flow regarding disclosure etc. request.
■ How to proceed disclosure etc. request
1. Range of disclosure etc.
“Disclosure, etc.” means that the person and his / her agent exercise the right to make the following requests regarding personal information managed by the Company.
・Notification of utilization objective
・Correction, addition or deletion of content
・Discontinue of use
・Delete and discontinue providing to third party
2. Request method of disclosure etc.
Within 5 business days after the request reception, we send you prescribed request document to the given address by registered letter. After you receive the document, please fill in necessary information and send it back together with the copy of identification documents listed below and 800 JPY of fee (by stamp or postal money order). Meanwhile, fee is required only for notification of utilization objective and closure.
3. Certificate etc. for identification
A: Identification documents
For disclosure by postal mail, make sure to send the copy of the following identification documents together with request document for identification. Meanwhile, please black out the permanent legal address information.
・Driver’s license
・Health insurance card
・Basic resident card
・Pension handbook
・Alien registration card
B: In case of legal agent
・Above A (for both principal and agent)
・Document that clarifies that the agent has the power of attorney (family register extract or registration certificate etc.)
C: In case of agent by procuration
・Above A (for both principal and agent)
・Procuration of the principal showing the procuration (must have registered seal of the principal)
・Registered seal certificate (of principal)
4. Disclosure method
For the above-mentioned disclosure content and other above-mentioned requests, we shall send the results of the request handling in writing to the address described in the identity verification certificate by registered mail.
5. In case we deny disclosure
In case the request of disclosure etc. regarding personal information falls under the exception of disclosure etc. in the “Personal Information Protection Act” and the clear identification is not available, the Company may deny the disclosure request at its discretion. Meanwhile, in case we deny, we will inform the reason in writing to the principal or agent.
6.Personal information contact :Disclosure or complaint contact
Address: MinodaKannai Bldg, 39-2, 4chome, MinamiNakadori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0006, JAPAN
Phone: +81-45-663-8751
HIKESIYA Co., Ltd. Disclosure or complaint contact Sugiura
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