"be struck together"

We want to share the thrill with our clients through service and solutions. We work on service development, system proposition request from clients and development.

As the smallest system integrator in Japan, we want to share the sense of value with our clients and improve together.


International service organization, Rotary club has "The Four-Way Test" which is a standard for ethics in business management.Rotary club was formed by Paul Harris and his friends by gathering people of various business, sharing knowledge and cultivating life-long friendship. It was the time when people of various races and nations were mixed, business ethics were troubled resulting in getting far away from "helping each other" spirit which was the original basic of occupation and there were many people gaining money by fraud.


I think today's business through network is somehow close to the situation in Chicago at that time. There are more and more of stealth marketing and people try to allure customers for free and then make them purchase expensive products.


We believe that clients would pay proper amount of money for good service and that we could provide better service by sharing the sense of value with clients.


In today's society, we believe that by acting based on this 4-way test in system proposition to clients and in-house business, we could generate ethical relationship with which we could care each other.


【4-way test】

Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendship?
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
CEO Toshinori Maki


The name origin of Hikesiya
In Japanese software industry, any occurrence of trouble or bug in the ongoing system is called “Fire(Hi) break-out”.
We are those who assuredly put out Fire and do not set Fire“Hikesiya (Fireman)”.
We declare "Hikesi(Put out)" as a corporate name expressing our confidence in our capability to the customers.