Business system proposal

We provide one-stop services ranging from solution proposals to design, development, and maintenance / operation. We are engaged in development of business systems in a wide range of areas, including infrastructure (core) systems, intranets, and customer management / inventory management systems.
We also support renovation of existing systems developed by other companies.

Development Case 1. Development of service order system for carriers

Project Outline

We have developed a system to handle optional service orders for carriers.
By using the workflow engine, we realized to automate the workflow, including complex interactions with external suppliers.
We provide high-quality systems that meet customer needs through close collaboration between the business analysis team that resides at the customer's location and the in-house system development team.
業務システム開発事例01 キャリア向けサービスオーダシステムの開発

Scope of work

Business analysis, requirement definition, design, development, testing, and environment building

Technical elements

Weblogic Integration/Portal、Oracle、Solaris

Development Case 2. Development of logistics management system for MVNO

Project Outline

For MVNOs, we have developed a logistics management system that takes care of peripheral equipment shipping, replacement, and inventory management in total.
We have implemented "WORKFLOW" to optimize workflow, and "COMPONENT" to optimize processing, and realized systematization of logistics management operations.  We have provided flexible flow changes and scalable systems.
We also support data collaboration by WebIF and FileIF with other systems.
業務システム開発事例02 MVNO様向け物流管理システムの開発

Work range

Requirements definition, design, development, testing, environment building, operation (24 hours, 365days corresponding)

Technical elements


Development Case 3. Winding up existing system maintenance

System overview

We have integrated the maintenance and development of multiple systems developed by different companies into the Hikesiya maintenance & management team to shorten response times and reduce maintenance costs.
In addition, by unifying maintenance rules, we eliminate mistakes and lead to quality improvement.
業務システム開発事例03 既存システム保守の巻き取り

Work range

Requirements definition, design, development, and testing